Join the Coastside Schools Snowflake hunt!

Make your snowflake using the design below and hang it up for all to see (i.e. in a window, on your front porch, etc.) before December 18.


Then, between December 18th - December 20th, walk around your local community and see how many snowflakes you can find! Come back here and take the survey to tell us how many you've found! Our group total will be announced Monday, December 21st!

​Instructions for 3D Snowflakes

  1. You will need 6 pieces of paper (same size)

  2. You will need tape, scissors, and a stapler 

  3. With a sheet of paper,  pull the bottom right corner to the opposite side of the paper, toward the top, until there is a triangle. Crease the edge.  You will have a couple of inches of paper left at the top.

  4. Cut the excess paper off

  5. Fold the triangle in half making a smaller triangle.

  6. Make three cuts on the long end of the triangle, start cutting on the side that has two folds, toward the single folded end without going all the way through

  7. Open the triangle up, you will have 4 squares with-in the square 

  8. Take the loose ends of the middle square, using a small piece of tape, and tape the corners together

  9. Turn the paper over, tape the next set of corners together just like you did the first set.

  10. Turn the paper over again, and tape the third set of corners together

  11. Turn the paper over one final time and tape the last set of corners together

  12. Repeat with remaining sheets of paper

  13. Taking the pointed end of each piece by the corner, hold between your index finger and your thumb, once you have gathered all six pieces together, staple them together

  14. Lay the snowflake on a flat surface, you will staple all sides together where they touch each other


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The P in PTO stands for Parent. You become a member when you enroll your child at El Granada Elementary school. Your involvement makes a difference at our school. Whether it's helping to raise money for the programs we provide, like P.E, Music, Art, and Library, or volunteering for a family event, your time and energy will make El Granada a special place to learn and grow.


We provide enhancements to the school curriculum and support the classroom teachers, in the form of stipends and discretionary spending,

We support curriculum components that are no longer funded by the state, such as art, music, physical education, science, and library time, through funding of staff salaries.

We initiate community based events and family fun nights to include the entire El Granada community.

We organize the efforts of our parent volunteers to impact classroom learning (art-in-action; arts and science day), field trips, school beautification and much, much more.


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