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How it works:

Purchase physical or electronic gift cards from hundreds of

merchants and our school will earn a rebate of up to 20%

of the purchase price at no additional cost to you.

See a Full List of Participating Merchants Here


2020-2021 SCRIP Coordinator: Laura Sanders (email:

How to sign up for ShopWithScrip:

  1. Email for the enrollment code.

  2.  With this code, you can sign up via the App (see below) or at using the following steps. 

  3. Click Join a Program and enter our enrollment code.

  4. Fill in all required personal information and click "I Accept"

  5. Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers

  6. Order your Gift Cards Online!

To purchase physical gift cards:

  1. Physical gift cards must be purchased through the RaiseRight app. You can also buy and store eCards this way. 

  2. Download the RaiseRight app through the App Store or Google Play. 

  3. Create an account using the enrollment code or sign in using the credentials you created through the website in the steps above.

  4. Click on the link to see the list of brands eligible for mailed gift cards.

  5. Shipping for gift cards through USPS ranges between $1.00-8.50 depending on number of cards purchased.

How to pay:

There are three options to pay for your gift cards via the website or app:

  1. Use a credit card (additional 2.6% service charge will apply). This option will appear at checkout.

  2. Directly link your savings or checking account ($0.15 fee per transaction). 

  3. Cash or check (make check payable to EGPTO) delivered to the SCRIP Coordinator (see above)

To link your savings or checking account:

On the website:

  1. Log on to your ShopWithScrip account

  2. Click on your name in the right-hand corner and select Setings.

  3. Click Family Functions on the left-hand menu and select Payment Options. 

  4. Follow the directions to either instantly or manually link your account. The latter takes 1-2 business days.


On the app:

  1. Click on Account.

  2. Click on Payment Options.

  3. Click Add Bank Account and follow the instructions.

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